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22 April 2013 Jay Leiderman on HuffPostLive AP Story  Reuters editor charged with hacking: I was fired A Reuters deputy social media editor accused of conspiring with hackers to deface a story on a news website says he has been fired. His dismissal came the day before 26-year-old Matthew Keys was scheduled to appear in US federal court for […]

This Post Continues A Series That Will Comprise The Entirety Of The Matthew Keys Sentencing Documents Filed By The Defense – Part 2 MATTHEW KEYS’ BIOGRAPHY Matthew Keys has pursued journalism most of his life.  A cursory glance at his record shows an intense dedication to bringing stories of importance to light — sacrificing his time […]

I’ve become well known as an advocate for changing certain computer laws – especially the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or “CFAA.”  This act was codified as 18 USC 1030 in 1984. Believe it or not, this was, in part, a reaction to the movie “War Games.” In 1984, there were few places one could […]