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Not an internet gangster, but that link, InternetGangster.Info, will tell you more about Jay.

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Jay Leiderman, called by some the “Internet Gangster” because of his heroic work as an “outlaw” fighting against the unjust systems the power elite set up to oppress those that seek freedom on the Internet.  Internet hero! Not Internet Gangster! For Jay’s other work, click through this blog.



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“Isn’t this illegal? In the case of the cameras accessed using default passwords, of course. Attorney Jay Leiderman told Motherboard that Insecam “is a stunningly clear violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) [I made it clear that the CFAA was an American law, and that this may or may not be illegal in other countries],” even if it is intended as a PSA. “You put a password on a computer to keep it private, even if that password is just ‘1.’ It’s entry into a protected computer.””

“It is pretty terrifying” wrote Tom McKay.

What, you ask is pretty terrifying? This: “How would you feel if you found out a live stream of your bedroom had been airing online for weeks?” Well, you guessed it, there is a site that has 73,000 feeds of 73,000 security cameras.

I was asked to comment for this article. Here are some samples of things I was quoted saying about this harrowing topic. Before I get to the quotes, I’ll remind the reader that your password security can never be lax. As annoying as it is sometimes to have long and strong passwords, it is worse to have someone looking at you through your webcam while you are taking a shower!

The article finishes with hope for a resolution: “But who’s going to stop it? Gawker reports the domain name appeared to be registered through GoDaddy to an IP address in Moscow, meaning they’re unlikely to be tracked down. Meanwhile, the alleged anonymous administrator of the site insisted to Motherboard that the scale of the problem warranted dramatic action — and that an “automated” process was adding thousands more each week.

“Hopefully, authorities will take action to bring Insecam down. But in the meantime, this should be a reminder that password security is no joke.”

I am a free speech and free expression advocate. I believe information wants to be free; that it routs around censorship like censorship is damage. This is not an issue of free speech of free access to information, this is taking as lesson on password security too far. The end – to teach people to be secure – could be achieved by different means. While the goal is noble, the methods are appalling. One must always remember, privacy for the individual trumps most other concerns in modern society. Changing technology should not trump traditional privacy. Civil rights are paramount for the individual. Transparency is for the State. Having said that, change your password now.

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The People cannot claim that they represent the world against the defendant

I just joined LinkedIn because I am advising a company on some data matters. I’ve come to enjoy seeing friends and colleagues in a whole new way. I’d love it if you checked out my profile and sent me a request to connect.

Here are some teasers from my account:


I believe in transparency for the State and large corporations and I believe in privacy for the individual. State and large corporate information wants to be free, it should be free, but our personal lives should not be subject to the Government Surveillance State.


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jay leiderman cfaa defense attoeney wins cases successful defense

On Wednesday, Joseph A Camp, my not-so-adorable stalker, made an effort to prevent me from going to court, because he knows his friend will lose the case, and from coming to New York and speaking to him because he is very, very scared of me due to the death threats he has made to my family – he thinks I will retaliate, but I only want him to stop.  To go away forever.  Camp is homosexually attracted to me (obsessed with me) so this is a pretty classic stalker – stalkee relationship, only I’m much stronger physically and he doesn’t dare come around me because he thinks I care about what he’s done to me.  I don’t.  He’s nothing but shit on my shoes.

Accordingly, Camp, the coward and waste of oxygen made a 38 minute phone call to Frank Ancona; Grand Wizard of the Missouri Ku Klux Clan.   At the time, the Klan and Anonymous were locked in a battle over the protests in Ferguson Missouri.  Camp told Mr. Ancona that I was basically responsible for all of the hacking collective Anonymous and bsically that I ran the rest of the internet.   I apparently run the site “Your Anon News” and am responsible for their Twitter feed, he says.  I am just Attorney Jay Leiderman, I fight for civil rights just like Mr. Ancona says he does.  Indeed, he is quite emphatic on that point in the call.  I believe Mr. Ancona.  Camp tries to scare people from behind a keyboard. He hates anyone’s expression but his own.  He seeks to scare folks into silence, into submission.  Classic sociopath.

The Camp to Mr. Ancona call is a downright chilling 38 minutes.  The agenda is to tell the Klan I hurt them, so they would hurt me.  Mr. Ancona mentions hospital and some medical issues in relation to me.  I was to be hurt.  He was buying what Camp was selling.  A bunch of lies were told to Mr. Ancona.  If you have not listened to the call, please do.  Here is the link.  I wonder if Mr. Ancona knew he was being recorded and approved of the dissemination.  I doubt it.  The comments about putting me in the hospital are not flattering.  Not flattering at all to the MO KKK.

Today Mr. Ancona was on Alan Colmes’ radio show saying he doesn’t have a problem with Anonymous: Odd, then that I would get the below email after that show.  Even odder that the email is in the voice of my stalker Joseph A. Camp.  The email makes the same insults, talks about the other obsessions Camp has (Crawford, Boyette, my wife), etc.  It is the same recycled, tired Camp nonsense. Anyway, I wonder if Mr. Ancona knows that his name is being used like this.  

Camp has now become an open anti-semite.  He claims now he faked the call.  That claim is belied by the matching voices in the Ancona call and the Colmes interview.  See the update below.

Here is the email Joseph Camp sent me using Frank Ancona’s name.  It is entitled “Time To Fly A Kike.”  It is probably important to note that I was in San Jose yesterday and Camp tried to get the Klan to come to my house when my wife and child were alone (see the bottom of the email).  He also gave al of my personal information, including a layout of my house.  Now Camp hares “N-words and Kikes (Jews, for the uninitiated). Whaaaaaat a guy.



To: [me]

Time to fly a Kike

Dear Sir,

It has come to our attention that you are a representative of YourAnonNews Twitter account.

Do you want to bare the weight of what could happen because you send some stupid Tweets and cause us momentary discomfort? Do you want the lawsuits and other ramifications that will result against these anonymous punks with no real life experience? How will it feel to know that the tensions in Ferguson because of your stupid attention seeking has caused a young person to be innocently mistaken for an aggressive assailant? Does it sit well for you that innocent people are being set up by you when all we have ever sought is to demonstrate peacefully, to have our speech protected?

How will you like it when every chapter of the Klan gets your personal information and that of your wife and distributes it through our networks exactly as you have done with your twitter site, so that our attorney’s can seek revenge against you and your not so anonymous anymore, nigger loving network of bitches? The Klan is not scared, but you and your masked crusaders are. We are proud of who we are and wear of pride on our skin. Does your anonymous have the guts to remove the mask? We are to be feared and we will defend our families and our freedoms in anyway we feel justified.

Remember Leiderman that after Ferguson your group with distribute yet the Klan will remain with a memory that is hundreds of years old. Can your anonymous pay the attention to us that is going to be required after Ferguson is over with? The Internet and your doxxing is not of interests to us.

We will remove our hoods and march proudly without fear of being exposed. Can we say the same about your wannabe hackers?

Someone named BVFiles informed us that you are a kike. Is this so? Our informants tell us so. The comments tend to share a lot of information about you. The amount a person can find online about a kike like you is impressive when, after all, you have so many enemy’s. Do, as you must Mr. Leiderman, there is a good chance that we will be seeing each other in court soon. We have paid a lot of informants who have already provided us with names and addresses of whos to sue. Our funds are running low, but we don’t forget our friends. A black man e-mailed me today and provided me with some names of anonymous members named dylon Crawford and Andrew Boyett. We paid the man for his information even though he provided it to us for free.

What is that bullshit that anonymous always say? Expect Us.

Frank Ancona

Today, Tomorrow, and Always


San Jose, California

Update: Sat 22 November 19:24 hours PST –

Camp now claims the call was a fake – made from several takes – he and a friend were making a joke to “troll ” me.  One, you know that is a lie because Camp does not have friends and two, if you listen to both Frank Ancona links, THEY ARE THE EXACT SAME PERSON. So as you were, Mr. Camp.  The slighest word from me provokes you to hte heights of stupidity.  You can’t see one move down the field, let alone two.  Your days of freedom are numbered, all because you cannot control yourself, all because you cannot comport yourself to the expected standards for human behavior.  You are your own worst enemy.  Stupid, stupid boy.

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