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Blacks on the witness stand in Georgia in 1962: The Unsworn Statement Jay, I read your your twitter I was very interested in the one picture you posted about how slaves collecting the offering in church had to have one hand behind their back to keep them from stealing. Most jurors didn’t know about the […]

In American jurisprudence it suffices that the testimony of one witness who is believed is sufficient for a conviction.  The Bible disagrees.  The Bible says the following in Deuteronomy 19:15, as it relates to criminal inquests and prosecutions: “A single witness shall not suffice against a person for any crime or for any wrong in […]

THE DEFENSE MOVES TO EXCLUDE ALL TRIAL WITNESSES FROM THE COURTROOM AND ADMONISH SAID WITNESSES NOT TO DISCUSS THE CASE AMONG THEMSELVES (PENAL CODE SECTION 867, EVIDENCE CODE SECTION 777) [EXCLUDE WITNESSES]             Evidence Code section 777 entitled “Exclusion of Witness” provides in pertinent part that “[the] court may exclude from the courtroom any witness not at […]

How the “Original Pornographers,” the Mitchell Brothers fixed Dennis Roberts’ Corvette, given to him by the fake DB Cooper, only to have it totaled by Hunter S. Thompson.  Oh, yeah, and a murder trial. Criminal defense attorney Dennis Roberts is famous for representing the Chicago 8, more frequently called the Chicago 7, as a motions attorney […]