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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Jay Leiderman on Russia Today Discussing DDoS as Protest Speech Demanding the right to digitally protest: Hacktivists petition the White House to legalize DDoS  Another wonderful article by Andy Panda Blake accompanied this RT story on DDoS as protected speech.  The title is above, here is the unabridged text.  Thanks […]

Ventura attorney represents high-profile hackers in a red-hot area of the law Read more on Jay Leiderman: –  By Tony Biasotti Posted March 23, 2013  PHOTOS OF JAY LEIDERMAN BY TROY HARVEY, VENTURA COUNTY STAR Jay Leiderman, a criminal defense attorney, checks his iPad for an update on a case in his Ventura office. […]

What are the Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Marijuana Legalization and on Medical Marijuana? The chatter about cannabis has grown a little louder on the American campaign trail this election season. The major party candidates, as well as so-called third party candidates have endorsed full legalization to full medical marijuana programs to more limited and restrictive […]

This post begins a series that will comprise the entirety of the Matthew Keys sentencing documents filed by the defense – Part 1 JASON S. LEIDERMAN, SBN 203336 LAW OFFICES OF JAY LEIDERMAN 5740 Ralston Street, Suite 300 Ventura, California 93003 Tel: 805-654-0200 Fax: 805-654-0280   TOR EKELAND, PRO HAC VICE MARK JAFFE, PRO HAC […]

Information is the new currency. Information is the new aphrodisiac. Information is the new high. He who controls the information controls your world. And your government knows it. Remarks Made at the Jeremy Hammond / Barrett Brown Fundraiser, 19 August 2013 New York We live in times where our liberties are ever threatened. Where the […]