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If you are falsely accused of a crime quickly hire an experienced criminal defense attorney.¬† That attorney can help defend you such that accusations do not turn into false criminal charges and a wrongful conviction ending in years or decades of unjust prison time.   The frightening truth is that anyone can be falsely accused […]

Cop math Dennis Roberts, via email, 9 June 2016 Ahhh, cop math. ¬†Today I read a new story about drug trafficking; a huge marijuana raid involving several grow houses in Oakland and the Sinaloa cartel. 15 were arrested. In one paragraph the police say the marijuana was worth almost $4 million dollars. A couple of […]

Running From Police Is the Norm, Some in Baltimore Say (“Some do it because there are warrants for their arrest. Others because they possess drugs, are seeking a thrill, or are just plain scared. Sometimes people do it even when they have done nothing wrong. Young men in the heavily policed neighborhood where 25-year-old Freddie […]