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Since I posted these Jay Leiderman Law Shirts two days ago on Instagram (pix below), I’ve gotten a lot of emails and messages asking for these shirts to be sent around the Country. I can’t afford to send that many all over the place, though I’m happy to give the shirts away for free. I’ve […]

Police say Mexican Mafia prison gang led crime ring in Ventura County Police say Mexican Mafia prison gang led crime ring in Ventura County By Jennifer Letzer Originally published 12:50 p.m., November 27, 2012 Updated 05:32 p.m., November 27, 2012 A 39-year-old man in an out-of-state prison directed a crime ring in Ventura County […]

THE EVIDENCE PRESENTED TO THE GRAND JURY SUPPORTS PROBABLE CAUSE FOR ONLY A SINGLE CONSPIRACY TO BENEFIT THE MEXICAN MAFIA; ALL SUBORDINATE CONSPIRACY CHARGES SHOULD BE DISMISSED “The conspiracy is the crime, and that is one, however diverse its objects.”  (Frohwerk v. United States (1919) 249 U.S. 204, 210 [Holmes, J.].)  The prosecutor went to great […]

California State Bar Certified Criminal Law Specialist and Ventura County, California defense attorney Jay Leiderman is lead attorney for the “Mexican Mafia Case” – the largest ever prosecution in the history of Ventura County, California. In the case described below, “Operation Supernova” part 2, Luis Tapia got 300 years to life.  In the case pictured […]

THE DEFENSE MOVES FOR AN ORDER TO EXCLUDE ANY EVIDENCE THAT HAS NOT YET BEEN PROVIDED, IF ANY EXISTS This request includes any documentary evidence such as certified documents, digital or any such photographs, audio recordings or other such materials or logs, charts, results of tests, physical or chemical evidence, and other such materials that […]