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JAY LEIDERMAN AND VIVIEN LESNIK WEISMAN POSTER FROM ANONYMOUS VIDEO Jay Leiderman and Vivien Lesnik Weisman and are featured in the below picture.  Jay was a participant, a “talking head” in a critically acclaimed documentary that Vivien wrote, directed and and produced.  Through this, they have moved to the forefront of the war on hackers, otherwise knows as the […]

Basis for Case in Brooklyn Police Shooting: No Threat Led Officer to Fire “The indictment of Officer Peter Liang, who killed an unarmed man, differs from other police shootings because he did not claim he was acting against a threat and therefore can’t claim he was using legitimate force.” Officer Liang claimed his gun went […]

Recently, someone placed me on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB. Here is my “filmography” – Filmography 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (self) 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (senior advisor) Yes, I “played” myself in this wonderful film. It is about – as the title suggests – the Hacker Wars. For clips, try this post […]