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Tuesday, January 15, 2013 Jay Leiderman on Russia Today Discussing DDoS as Protest Speech Demanding the right to digitally protest: Hacktivists petition the White House to legalize DDoS  Another wonderful article by Andy Panda Blake accompanied this RT story on DDoS as protected speech.  The title is above, here is the unabridged text.  Thanks […]

Jay Leiderman and Stanley Cohen poster from Anonymous Video Jay Leiderman and Stanley Cohen are two attorneys that have moved to the forefront of the war on hackers, otherwise knows as the “Nerd Scare.”  Anonymous Video keeps the hope alive by publicizing the plight of incarcerated members of Anonymous, most, if not all […]

The Road Home for Prisoner 19846 052 Stanley Cohen MONDAY, 30 MAY 2016 14:08 Originally posted on The Real News: Re-blogged with the permission of Stanley Cohen Pictures added to original post By Stanley L. Cohen, Attorney. “I don’t give a shit about your dog. You pay us in full by the end of the […]

The below brief had to be re-worked to suit the attorneys that were actually submitting it.  I am listed as co-author of the brief.  Here is the one that I wanted filed:   APPLICATION TO FILE AN AMICUS CURIAE  BRIEF   What is presented here is a motion brought in the nature of an amicus […]