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Protest Speech and the Digital Revolution The unpolished draft of the op-ed written for the Guardian There is no weapon on the planet more powerful than speech.  In recent years, the digital revolution has led to new and unique ways for people to express themselves.  Speech has flourished around the globe, and brought the world […]

On 26 December 2014, Ventura County Attorney Jay Leiderman, California Certified Criminal Law Specialist and Hacktivist’s Advocate was quoted in The Mint News Press. The well-done article by Frederick Reese was titled: “How Anonymous Revolutionized Revolt” and Jay was featured prominently. Here is what he was quoted as saying: “Not only has Anonymous redefined what […] I have retitled John Wesley Hall’s well-written dystopian post [linked above, summarized below the “read more” break] reminds us of a few things. First is that with changing technology comes changing surveillance techniques. This is hardly the Snowden/National Security Agency disclosures, but, it can be argued, this is more prevalent, more frequently used, and […]

“There’s no such thing as a DDoS [distributed denial of service] ‘attack’,” Leiderman said. “A DDoS is a protest, it’s a digital sit it. It is no different than physically occupying a space. It’s not a crime, it’s speech.” Many of the attorneys representing other defendants in the Anonymous case are lawyers who Leiderman has […]

Time Magazine: What Anonymous Is Doing in Ferguson What the “hacktavist” group does, how it dealt with the affiliated member who misidentified Michael Brown’s killer and how many members are involved in Operation Ferguson Jay Leiderman is mentioned in this Time Magazine Article from Aug. 21, 2014. Why is Anonymous involved in the Ferguson protests? […]