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New York Police Department Is Undercounting Street Stops, Report Says (“Some New York City police officers have been stopping people for questioning but not documenting the encounters as required, calling into doubt the official accounting of a significant decline in stop-and-frisk activity, according to the first report of the federal monitor overseeing the Police Department. […]

Basis for Case in Brooklyn Police Shooting: No Threat Led Officer to Fire “The indictment of Officer Peter Liang, who killed an unarmed man, differs from other police shootings because he did not claim he was acting against a threat and therefore can’t claim he was using legitimate force.” Officer Liang claimed his gun went […]

“Technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace and this milestone allows federal regulations and the use of our national airspace to evolve to safely accommodate innovation” said the Transportation Secretary. Yeah, right. What concerns me is not so much hobbyists and enthusiasts, though they can certainly intrude upon privacy. Nor are drones by Amazon or […]

In Recruitment Effort, Akron Police Seeks To Mirror The Community Two years ago, the Akron, Ohio, police recruiting video began with pulsing music and an image of police in helmets and camouflage with assault rifles ready. This year, the most prominent video demonstrates how to prepare for the physical tests to be hired. The change […]

Investigation Reveals Rampant Use Of Flashbang Grenades By Police (“An investigation by ProPublica reports that says some police use flashbang grenades routinely with little training. NPR’s Arun Rath speaks with reporter Julia Angwin about how and why this is happening.”) Flash grenades are supposed to be for hostage situations RATH: And that is the bang […]