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Why is it forever necessary for one to defend a career choice?  On the Defense of Criminals is my personal statement, taking a historical and political view of why one would undertake the defense of criminals, and why every lawyer should, at least once in their career, undertake the endeavor. On the Defense of Criminals; An […]

Information is the new currency. Information is the new aphrodisiac. Information is the new high. He who controls the information controls your world. And your government knows it. Remarks Made at the Jeremy Hammond / Barrett Brown Fundraiser, 19 August 2013 New York We live in times where our liberties are ever threatened. Where the […]

Jay Leiderman Quoted from the essay “On the Defense of Criminals” “It is fashionable always to cast aspersion upon those that defend persons accused of committing crimes. The viler the accused crime, the more vigorous defense the accused needs, yet, at the same time, the more vitriol the defense attorney will face. I cannot speak […]