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Why We Can Stop Missiles But Not Hackers Hackers present both the public and private sector with some very unique challenges. Unlike traditional threats, which are often presented in very black and white terms, hackers are notoriously adaptable to new security measures and tend to discover vulnerabilities as fast as developers can fix them. Their […]

What is the Importance of Promptly Updating your Operating System / Software on iPhone? The thing to remember about application updates is that they usually make relatively small changes. These changes are mostly bug fixes some plug security vulnerabilities or changes to enhance compatibility with a new version of the operating system or any other […]

The worst passwords Here’s the list of the worst passwords. If you recognize your password on it, it’s time to rethink your password security and change your login: 123456 (Unchanged) password (Unchanged) 12345678 (Up 1) qwerty (Up 1) 12345 (Down 2) 123456789 (Unchanged) Football (Up 3) 1234 (Down 1) 1234567 (Up 2) baseball (Down 2) […]