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When someone comes to me to consult about medical marijuana compliance, the first thing I always say is that whatever we talk about here today, nothing will make you complaint with Federal law. With one signature from Barack Obama, that will draw to a close. In a new bill that awaits the POTUS’s signature, the […]

California certified criminal law specialist and Ventura, California author and attorney Jay Leiderman literally wrote the book on the defense of medical marijuana cases in California. The book covers the CUA and the MMPA, commonly known as Prop 215 and SB 420. Jay Leiderman is a lifetime member of he NORML legal committee. Sadly, neither […]

I just joined LinkedIn because I am advising a company on some data matters. I’ve come to enjoy seeing friends and colleagues in a whole new way. I’d love it if you checked out my profile and sent me a request to connect. Here are some teasers from my account: Summary I believe in transparency […]

MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW IN CALIFORNIA by Jay Leiderman Get a copy now because they are out of print and rarely available!  Available on Ventura County Ca lawyer Jay Leiderman literally wrote the book on cannabis law and the defense of marijuana cases in California. A lifetime member of the National Organization for the Reform […]