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THESE ARE JURY INSTRUCTIONS I USED IN A CASE IN WHICH I SECURED A NOT GUILTY VERDICT.  OF COURSE, IT IS IMPORTANT TO BOTH HAVE THESE INSTRUCTIONS AND TO HAVE A LAWYER THAT KNOWS HOW TO USE THEM! Qualified patients claiming protection under the law may possess an amount of marijuana that is reasonably related […]  Under investigation (NOT JAY LEIDERMAN, JAMES B. DEVINE) Ojai’s Shangri La marijuana cooperative raided for second time Ojai’s marijuana cooperative Shangri La has been raided once again by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department, according to co-op owner Jeff Kroll, and the offices of his personal lawyer, James B. Devine (JAY LEIDERMAN’S EX-PARTNER]. The raid […]

As far as I’m aware, this has not yet been signed, but as this provision was tied to the budget bill, a so-called “must pass” piece of litigation that came with bi-partisan support, it is a fait accompli. No more will the Feds be raiding simple patients and caregivers. But how will this affect growers, […]