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Why is it forever necessary for one to defend a career choice?  On the Defense of Criminals is my personal statement, taking a historical and political view of why one would undertake the defense of criminals, and why every lawyer should, at least once in their career, undertake the endeavor. On the Defense of Criminals; An […]

File this one under truth is stranger than fiction. Apparently these “toxic tush” injections are common in the trans gender community. Who knew? It may shock people to learn that: “[The Accused] injected a concoction made up of silicone, mineral oil, Fix-a-Flat tire sealant, cement and super glue into the buttocks of paying customers who […]

No Charges Against Hinckley for Death of James Brady (“Federal prosecutors in Washington announced Friday they will not charge John Hinckley Jr. in connection to the shooting death of James Brady.”) Multiple sources are reporting that it is the end of a saga that began in 1981. Let’s see if I can get this drama […]

A simple phrase from a sentencing hearing in a difficult high-profile case Sentencing hearings in criminal cases can be difficult.  Often in criminal law we see those before the court with clean records there by chance or bad luck. This case was perhaps neither. Jay’s client had a blood alcohol below the legal limit but […]