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Ode to the dawn of the twilight Nothing much happened today. Nothing much at all. Congress did some stuff. Whatever. Well maybe not exactly whatever. See, there was formerly an uncodified mandate that ISPs (the mega corps that provide you with internet service) not do things like sift through, store and sell your browsing data. […]

Jeff Sessions as Attorney General will be a nightmare for legal and medical marijuana freedoms How the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General might affect both legal and medical marijuana in the 29 states that have programs and to what degree will the Federal Government may interfere with state’s rights to enforce the controlled […]

The take on Medical Marijuana by someone not from the US, trying to explain how the system works – Guest Post part 1 – part 2 click here. The implementation of medical marijuana as an excellent alternative and natural drug Marijuana is not considered as an addictive drug. It is banned in several nations for […]

Cryptosphere’s favorite piece of the year!!! Well how flattering. I still can’t disclose the location where I was when I gave the wonderful Lorraine “Raincoaster” Murphy the interview later titled The Sabu Effect: an interview with Jay Leiderman (Still under court order not to disclose). I was in a tiny airport with 21 other people […]