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Jeff Sessions as Attorney General will be a nightmare for legal and medical marijuana freedoms How the appointment of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General might affect both legal and medical marijuana in the 29 states that have programs and to what degree will the Federal Government may interfere with state’s rights to enforce the controlled […]

Certified Criminal Law specialist and defense attorney Jay Leiderman handles criminal cases in all federal courts throughout the US I hope what I’m writing is not true, but I have to say it: Mississippi – the more things change, the more they say the same. This article about a federal hate crime in Mississippi, white […]

On Wednesday, Joseph A Camp, my not-so-adorable stalker, made an effort to prevent me from going to court, because he knows his friend will lose the case, and from coming to New York and speaking to him because he is very, very scared of me due to the death threats he has made to my […]