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This post begins a series that will comprise the entirety of the Matthew Keys sentencing documents filed by the defense – Part 1 JASON S. LEIDERMAN, SBN 203336 LAW OFFICES OF JAY LEIDERMAN 5740 Ralston Street, Suite 300 Ventura, California 93003 Tel: 805-654-0200 Fax: 805-654-0280   TOR EKELAND, PRO HAC VICE MARK JAFFE, PRO HAC […]

“Tin foil as reality” a phrase hacktivist lawyer Jay Leiderman whipped out during a panel for “The Hacker Wars,” permeated this year’s South By Southwest Interactive Festival in Austin, Tex. This new reality, brought on in large part through the revelations of National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden, created a situation where Snowden and two […]