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22 April 2013 Jay Leiderman on HuffPostLive AP Story  Reuters editor charged with hacking: I was fired A Reuters deputy social media editor accused of conspiring with hackers to deface a story on a news website says he has been fired. His dismissal came the day before 26-year-old Matthew Keys was scheduled to appear in US federal court for […]

JAY LEIDERMAN AND VIVIEN LESNIK WEISMAN POSTER FROM ANONYMOUS VIDEO Jay Leiderman and Vivien Lesnik Weisman and are featured in the below picture.  Jay was a participant, a “talking head” in a critically acclaimed documentary that Vivien wrote, directed and and produced.  Through this, they have moved to the forefront of the war on hackers, otherwise knows as the […]

His trial here in Sacramento in federal court to wrap up soon This article was published in 2014 and discusses the political ramifications of the heavy-handed crackdown on cybercrime, and how prosecutors fail to exercise reasonable discretion in charging these cases.  Jay Leiderman, who represents Matthew Keys, believes the case never should have ended up […]

Failure-to-Recall Instruction At defendant’s competency trial, all the experts agreed that defendant appeared to suffer from impaired memory. Therefore, at the prosecution’s request, the jury was instructed: “The inability to recall facts or information does not in and of itself render a defendant incompetent to stand trial; however, it is a factor to be considered […]

The Hitchhiker’s Legal Guide to the Cyber Galaxy: Jay Leiderman on Radio AnonOps with host Lorax 18 October 2013 Link to the show: Lorax Live  Jay Leiderman Jay Leiderman is a criminal law specialist and defense attorney who has represented members of Anonymous and Lulzsec. Radio AnonOps – free speech and good music. AnonOps […]