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What are the Presidential Candidates’ Positions on Marijuana Legalization and on Medical Marijuana? The chatter about cannabis has grown a little louder on the American campaign trail this election season. The major party candidates, as well as so-called third party candidates have endorsed full legalization to full medical marijuana programs to more limited and restrictive […]

THE FRUITS OF AN ILLEGAL SEARCH OR SEIZURE ARE TAINTED AND MAY NOT BE USED AS EVIDENCE Evidence seized as the result of a search or seizure (or an arrest) which has exceeded permissible bounds is the “fruit of the poisonous tree” and must be excluded. Wong Sun v. United States, (1973) 371 U.S. 471. Thus confessions, […]

There is little in the way of treatment while incarcerated for criminal defendants that have drug or alcohol problems Often times, many people that suffer from drug or alcohol abuse addiction issues can find themselves in criminal related activities. Although many prisons or jails offer some sort of treatment for those willing to get help […]