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Cuba: Performance Artist Is Freed [but must remain in the country pending adjudication of her charges.] “The Cuban performance artist Tania Bruguera was released from custody on Friday after her third arrest this week related to her efforts to push for freedom of expression. Her #YoTambienExijo (I also demand) support group said she returned to […]

The Senator Ted Stevens case represented all the things that have come to embody the American Justice System as of late. Unjust arrest. False accusations, false charges. Governmental overreach. Prosecutorial overreach. Civil Right violations. Guilty until proven innocent. The threat of jail or prison. The deck stacked against the defendant – even if the defendant […]

Ross Ulbricht and the Mystery of the Disappearing Silk Road Murder Charges Ross Ulbricht was initially charged with solicitation of murder along with a bevy of other drug trafficking charges. A year later, after motions were filed by Ulbrict’s defense attorney Josh Dratel, a superseding indictment was filed, and the salacious murder charges were dropped. […]