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The magistrate erroneously ruled that the threatening rap lyric was protected speech as a matter of law.  (130) (221) Penal Code section 140, subd. (a) makes it a crime to threaten a crime victim with violence. Here, alleged threats were made in the lyrics of a rap song distributed on the Internet. The magistrate erred […]

Guantanamo Diary On The Media, “Bob speaks with Larry Siems, the editor of Guantanamo Diary, a memoir by a Guantanamo Bay inmate imprisoned for more than 12 years without charge.” This compelling interview about Guantano Bay runs the gammunt from aclu to books to, of course, guantanamo bay to national news to politics to terrorism […]

DOJ asks court to dismiss Twitter lawsuit “Twitter wants to publish the number of orders it receives for user data.” The Justice Department is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Twitter that claims the social media company’s First Amendment rights were violated. twitter fights for your privacy Twitter filed the lawsuit […]

Turkey’s President Traces a New Internal Threat: The Way He’s Drawn in Cartoons “Critics of Mr. Erdogan and his government have found themselves embroiled in criminal lawsuits while dozens have lost their jobs – victims, critics say, of government efforts to intimidate dissidents. Cartoonists continue to publish their work in a range of independent publications […]

Jihadism Born in a Paris Park and Fueled in the Prison Yard Yet another tale of how sending young people to prison not only did no good, it actually did harm. Here, young militant Islamists went to prison where they honed their skills “Members of the group behind last week’s deadly terror attacks became known […]