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Avoid the pitfalls of hiring the wrong attorney; learn how to hire a great criminal defense lawyer Encountering the criminal justice system can be one of the most challenging and stressful periods of your life.  Selecting the right criminal defense lawyer for yourself or a friend or family member can be one of the most […]

The Senator Ted Stevens case represented all the things that have come to embody the American Justice System as of late. Unjust arrest. False accusations, false charges. Governmental overreach. Prosecutorial overreach. Civil Right violations. Guilty until proven innocent. The threat of jail or prison. The deck stacked against the defendant – even if the defendant […]

Jay Leiderman on prosecutorial discretion and the lack of its exercise in CFAA cases “The days of ‘Let’s haul this kid in front of the judge, scare him and send him home with a warning’ are long since gone,” says attorney Jay Leiderman. “ Prosecutorial discretion is a great thing if it’s exercised, but it […]

Cybercrime Attorney Jay Leiderman ‘Find the best defense attorney you can’ was the title of an article in the Columbia Journalism Review discussing the best lawyers to hire in a case involving cybercrime.  The author wrote: “”Hackers being prosecuted under the CFAA don’t just need digital experts; they need good defense against a law vague enough to encompass […]