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What is the Importance of Promptly Updating your Operating System / Software on iPhone? The thing to remember about application updates is that they usually make relatively small changes. These changes are mostly bug fixes some plug security vulnerabilities or changes to enhance compatibility with a new version of the operating system or any other […]

NPR How The CIA Almost Lost A Key Informant “Beyond the Senate’s recent revealing report, further details about the CIA’s brutal interrogation of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed were uncovered recently by Dexter Filkins of The New Yorker.” This is an NPR interview of Filkins that is well worth the listen. It talks about how the immense […]

DOJ asks court to dismiss Twitter lawsuit “Twitter wants to publish the number of orders it receives for user data.” The Justice Department is asking a federal court to dismiss a lawsuit filed by Twitter that claims the social media company’s First Amendment rights were violated. twitter fights for your privacy Twitter filed the lawsuit […]

US police charged in homeless death “Two police officers in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will face charges for killing a homeless camper, their lawyers say.” * * * The fatal shooting in March last year sparked city protests, some violent, and came amid a federal investigation into the police department’s practices. A year-long US investigation found […]

‘Sure, People Are Talking About Prison Reform, but They Aren’t Actually Doing Anything.’ Inmate-turned-journalist Paul Wright on what he’s learned in his 25 years covering the prison system. Q: When you started writing about incarceration, there were about 1.2 million people in prison or jail in the U.S. Now, that figure is about 2.5 million. […]