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His trial here in Sacramento in federal court to wrap up soon This article was published in 2014 and discusses the political ramifications of the heavy-handed crackdown on cybercrime, and how prosecutors fail to exercise reasonable discretion in charging these cases.  Jay Leiderman, who represents Matthew Keys, believes the case never should have ended up […]

True, Attorney Jay Leiderman is a creative and multifaceted vigorous defense attorney.  True, when the deck is stacked against you, Jay Leiderman is the lawyer you want to call. True, Jay isn’t just a rebel attorney / civil rights warrior, stomping out the cockroaches of injustice and fighting against governmental overreach; Jay Leiderman can have […]

Jay Leiderman on prosecutorial discretion and the lack of its exercise in CFAA cases “The days of ‘Let’s haul this kid in front of the judge, scare him and send him home with a warning’ are long since gone,” says attorney Jay Leiderman. “ Prosecutorial discretion is a great thing if it’s exercised, but it […]

Cybercrime Attorney Jay Leiderman ‘Find the best defense attorney you can’ was the title of an article in the Columbia Journalism Review discussing the best lawyers to hire in a case involving cybercrime.  The author wrote: “”Hackers being prosecuted under the CFAA don’t just need digital experts; they need good defense against a law vague enough to encompass […]