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Why A Black Man’s Murder Often Goes Unpunished In Los Angeles …in a new book, Los Angeles Times reporter Jill Leovy cites other statistics: About 40 percent of those Americans who are murdered each year are African-American males. And in Los Angeles, where Leovy covers crime, police arrest a suspect in those killings only 38 […]

Jihadism Born in a Paris Park and Fueled in the Prison Yard Yet another tale of how sending young people to prison not only did no good, it actually did harm. Here, young militant Islamists went to prison where they honed their skills “Members of the group behind last week’s deadly terror attacks became known […]

Palestinians Submit Papers to U.N. to Join International Criminal Court (“The Palestinian ambassador to the United Nations, Riyad H. Mansour, formally submitted papers for the Palestinians to join the treaty creating the International Criminal Court, paving the way for the tribunal to potentially investigate serious crimes on Palestinian lands committed by either side in the […]

Why does Criminal Defense Lawyer Jay Leiderman choose to represent activists and hackers?  This interview that appeared int eh Cryptosphere answers those questions. The fabulous Raincoaster did an interview with me when I was leaving prison.  I was visiting an inmate, I wasn’t incarcerated.  We were at this tiny airport where they land only tiny […]