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Internet chat rooms are becoming more and more a significant part of an ever-increasing online life, especially for new generations.  As we all know, there is an ever rising number of children that are in danger of being targeted by Pedophiles and other undesirables through chat rooms and other social media platforms that are becoming […]

The prosecution sufficiently authenticated the incriminating photos on a cell phone even without testimony from anyone in the photos or present when they were taken.  The minor argued the trial court erred by admitting incriminating photographs extracted from his cell phone [ photos on a cell phone ] because the photos were not properly authenticated […]

boingboing FBI replies to Stingray Freedom of Information request with 5,000 blank pages (“The Stingray — a fake cellphone tower that gathers identity/location information on everyone who passes it — is the worst-kept secret in law enforcement, but that doesn’t stop feds from going to absurd lengths to pretend they don’t use them. We know […]

Recently, someone placed me on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB. Here is my “filmography” – Filmography 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (self) 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (senior advisor) Yes, I “played” myself in this wonderful film. It is about – as the title suggests – the Hacker Wars. For clips, try this post […]