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Anon on the run: How Commander X jumped bail and fled to Canada One fugitive’s epic tale. by Nate Anderson – Dec 11 2012, 8:25am PST   “You scared?” asks the fugitive in the camouflage pants as he sidles up to our pre-arranged meeting point in a small Canadian park. He wears sunglasses to hide his eyes and a broad-brimmed […]

The Take On Medical Cannabis By Someone Not From The US, Trying To Explain How The System Works – Guest Post Part 2 (Part 1 click here) Is the intake of cannabis – even medical cannabis – considered beneficial for human health? You must have heard about marijuana, right? And medical marijuana?  The English word […]

Editorial: Trapped by New York’s Bail System (“Imagine, for a moment, that you are accused of a misdemeanor or even a nonviolent felony in New York. The judge sets a low bail, maybe $500, but even that is too much for you or your family. So you sweat it out in New York City’s hellhole […] Washington, DC (February 13, 2015) – A short time ago today, the Department of Justice filed a landmark Statement of Interest on behalf of the United States in Varden v. City of Clanton pending in the U.S. District Court in the Middle District of Alabama. In that filing, DOJ is clear – “Incarcerating individuals […]

I’m not saying we’re in a police state, but it sure looks like it when you evaluate the system of pretrial release. As said while discussing how his client was forced to flee the country while on pre-trial release related to, inter alia excessively punitive bail conditions excessively punitive bail conditions Jay Leiderman’s phone […]