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In October of 2012 I got an email requesting an interview.  I get asked a lot of questions about a lot of topics, so I figured the reported, Luke Allnut, just wanted to ask me about how unjust the American criminal justice is, or about medical marijuana, or any of the various criminal law that […]

I’ve become well known as an advocate for changing certain computer laws – especially the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act or “CFAA.”  This act was codified as 18 USC 1030 in 1984. Believe it or not, this was, in part, a reaction to the movie “War Games.” In 1984, there were few places one could […]

Why does Criminal Defense Lawyer Jay Leiderman choose to represent activists and hackers?  This interview that appeared int eh Cryptosphere answers those questions. The fabulous Raincoaster did an interview with me when I was leaving prison.  I was visiting an inmate, I wasn’t incarcerated.  We were at this tiny airport where they land only tiny […]