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“Isn’t this illegal? In the case of the cameras accessed using default passwords, of course. Attorney Jay Leiderman told Motherboard that Insecam “is a stunningly clear violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) [I made it clear that the CFAA was an American law, and that this may or may not be illegal […]

I just joined LinkedIn because I am advising a company on some data matters. I’ve come to enjoy seeing friends and colleagues in a whole new way. I’d love it if you checked out my profile and sent me a request to connect. Here are some teasers from my account: Summary I believe in transparency […]

On Wednesday, Joseph A Camp, my not-so-adorable stalker, made an effort to prevent me from going to court, because he knows his friend will lose the case, and from coming to New York and speaking to him because he is very, very scared of me due to the death threats he has made to my […]

MEDICAL MARIJUANA LAW IN CALIFORNIA by Jay Leiderman Get a copy now because they are out of print and rarely available!  Available on Ventura County Ca lawyer Jay Leiderman literally wrote the book on cannabis law and the defense of marijuana cases in California. A lifetime member of the National Organization for the Reform […]

Ross Ulbricht and the Mystery of the Disappearing Silk Road Murder Charges Ross Ulbricht was initially charged with solicitation of murder along with a bevy of other drug trafficking charges. A year later, after motions were filed by Ulbrict’s defense attorney Josh Dratel, a superseding indictment was filed, and the salacious murder charges were dropped. […]