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The interplay between the present copyright laws and freedoms of information and expression is an emerging concept that will have to be addressed in court and legislative bodies as the free information movement and the digital revolution move forward. The relationship between copyright law and freedom of expression has not been directly discussed by many […]

Terrifying website streams camera footage from your webcam Joseph Cox did a fantastic article about a website that streams camera footage from users who never changed passwords from the default passwords on their web cameras.  I was quoted in several places, but before we get there, let’s examine this article a bit. There is a […]

One of the things that you do, as a criminal defense attorney, is realize that the courts, cops, prosecutors and law are stacked against you. When you win a lot, especially on difficult cases, people never want to give the credit that you, your investigator and your client deserve. For those of you that know […]

Recently, someone placed me on the Internet Movie Database, or IMDB. Here is my “filmography” – Filmography 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (self) 2014 The Hacker Wars (Documentary) (senior advisor) Yes, I “played” myself in this wonderful film. It is about – as the title suggests – the Hacker Wars. For clips, try this post […]