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Prospective cease and desist letter for the situation where another medical marijuana collective is using your collective’s name May 12, 2016     Medical Marijuana Collective Owner or Administrator ___________ Street ___________, California _____ (xxx) xxx-xxxx    RE: INFRINGEMENT OF TRADE NAME “___________”     TO _________ COLLECTIVE;   I believe you value your […]

How the “Original Pornographers,” the Mitchell Brothers fixed Dennis Roberts’ Corvette, given to him by the fake DB Cooper, only to have it totaled by Hunter S. Thompson.  Oh, yeah, and a murder trial. Criminal defense attorney Dennis Roberts is famous for representing the Chicago 8, more frequently called the Chicago 7, as a motions attorney […]

THE DEFENSE MOVES FOR AN ORDER IN LIMINE TO EXCLUDE ALL STATEMENTS MADE BY THE DEFENDANT IN VIOLATION OF HIS/HER MIRANDA RIGHTS Any and all statements made by THE DEFENDANT are incompetent, hearsay and prejudicial (pursuant to Evidence Code § 352) and made in the absence of a Miranda admonition when THE DEFENDANT was arrested and in […]

THE DEFENSE MOVES FOR AN ORDER TO EXCLUDE ANY EVIDENCE THAT HAS NOT YET BEEN PROVIDED, IF ANY EXISTS This request includes any documentary evidence such as certified documents, digital or any such photographs, audio recordings or other such materials or logs, charts, results of tests, physical or chemical evidence, and other such materials that […]

THE DEFENSE MOVES FOR AN ORDER TO EXCLUDE ANY REFERENCE TO THE DEFENDANT’S CRIMINAL HISTORY INCLUDING, BUT NOT LIMITED TO, CONVICTIONS, CHARGES OR ACCUSATIONS, UNLESS THE DEFENDANT OPENS THE DOOR THERETO Misdemeanor conduct  Any act of misdemeanor misconduct that does not involve moral turpitude must be excluded as irrelevant.  The California Supreme Court has found that […]